"YoloGO is what I need to lose weight and find balance."
– Jon Saf

Two years ago I started my tremendous weight loss journey. I was overweight for most of my life, and as the years went on, the weight and frustration increased.


For years I tried everything: personal trainers, diets, weight loss pills. All of them showed temporary results, but none of them were lasting lifestyles to maintain my weight loss.  


That’s when I found yoloGO, and it changed my life! YoloGO allows your body to better absorb nutrition from the foods you eat, and by craving healthier foods, you crave movement.


I wanted people to experience the same success that I had, so I bought the company.


YoloGO was the tool that I needed to change my life, and I hope it leads to the same success for those who want to thrive, overcome weight struggles, and find balance in their life. 

For years I struggled. I went through all the fad diets. I tried all the pills. I tried different workouts and personal trainers. All helped for a short time, but none were a cure-all.  


I was introduced to yoloGO, and all of the pieces fell into place.

Ready to begin your journey?
How yoloGO works for me...

The concept of yoloGO is pretty simple. As we get older, we absorb less and less of the nutrition from the food we eat as natural blockages continue to build inside our gut. And when we absorb less nutrients, the brain tells our body to store more fat so that it can access the nutrients later when needed. The proprietary catalyst blend of of yoloGO reduces the blockages and allow the nutrients from the food we eat to be properly and more fully absorbed by the body, decreasing the need to store fat!


Increasing the flow of nutrition to the body also gives our body additional tools we need for weight loss.  


More Nutrition = feel more satiated.

More nutrition = more mental focus.

More nutrition = crave healthier foods.

More nutrition = feel great!


For me it really did not matter the diet, and I have gone through a lot of them on this journey, it just mattered that I was COMMITTED to a plan to lose weight and that I was using yoloGO consistently before each meal during the day.  In essence, yoloGO acted as a booster for all my different plans of attack.  

YoloGO trained my body to stop storing fat and gave me the nutrition I needed for the metal focus to lose 140 lbs!


The end result was finding a lifestyle that I can continue with, and that balances enjoying life and maintaining my weight (been over a year now of maintenance).  

If you are committed to losing weight, yoloGO is the perfect match! 

For most of my adult life, I was up and down, trying to loss weight and get fit, then failing or putting it off. Then I started with yoloGO and a lifestyle that I could live with and commit to. 


My journey with yoloGO started over 3 years ago and making a real commitment to losing the weight. I added more exercise to my daily routine.  I changed a some of my eating habits.  And everything fell into place!


My goal was 5 pounds every 3 or 4 weeks. I did it by taking 7 to 10 days to drop the 5 pounds, and then the rest of the time to maintain that new weight.  Top weight was 325 and the first 20 pounds came off with no problem, just as in the past.  So the question remained, would yoloGO help me to continue my journey?

The answer was an emphatic YES! I kept on the path. I don't want to say it was easy, it was not. I don't want to say it was quick, it was not. But two years later, I was 140 pounds lighter and feeling great.


During the entire time and to date, yoloGO was and is the key tool to continue to meet my goals and maintain my weight. Of course, I hit some ups and downs, but as I went on this journey, I modified my lifestyle to adjust to the plateaus.

In the end, I have found a lifestyle and a path that I happily live with and have been able to maintain my weight for over a year now.   

My Weight Loss Program

Losing weight is simple from a numbers point of view -- burn more calories than you eat and you lose weight. But in reality, it is not so easy. That is why we need tools like yoloGO to help us on the journey. 

In addition to yoloGO, I was committed to a weight loss program. The program changed a number of times and is still changing as I finish year 3 of my maintenance program.


I did Keto, I did Shakes, I did No Carbs, I did Meal Delivery, and I did Intermittent Fasting. All of these helped me figure out what worked best for my body now that I was using yoloGO and getting the proper nutrition from what I did eat.


Some of the important features of my weight loss program that have been consistent throughout my journey and the key to my year 3 maintenance:


1.  Water:  I drink tons of it. Especially in the morning right after I wake up and 45 minutes before you eat or drink anything, even coffee. The morning routine flushes my system of the toxins I built up sleeping. And I love carbonated water, as it is a great filler before and during a meal!

2.  FPAFiber in the morning, Protein and veggies for lunch and dinner, As little as possible at night. I found that my body does not metabolize well at night, so those late night dinners and snacks are gone.

3.  Exercise:  Walk, hike, run, workout. Did not matter, but I needed to be more active. When I have something I can walk to instead of drive, I do. Otherwise, I find a good walk/hike to get out and about. 

4.  Moderation:  I need to control my food intake. And I found that anything in moderation is perfectly ok. Had my favorite cherry chocolate chip ice cream just last night!

5.  Weigh In: From the day I started, I weighed in every morning. And most importantly, I shared that weigh in with someone close to me, my brother. I also used a free phone app to track my weight, which helped with progress and focus! 

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